As an online marketing consultant, I have implemented hundreds of online campaigns and provided creative and effective services for businesses of all sizes.

Work experience
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Managing Director of Ltd.
Consulting activities (dozens of companies and projects)
PPC campaigns in 37 countries and 13 languages
Author of financial management software
Author of many educational projects
Publication activity
Author of bestsellers on Internet marketing - in czech (Albatros Media)
Author of scripts Enterprise Information Systems (University of Pardubice)
Co-author of the publication Differentiated Customer Relationship Management (Grada)
Author of numerous articles in print and online journals
Educational activities
Lecturer of open and corporate seminars, trainings and courses (since 2005)
Lecturer in educational projects for teachers (since 2018)
Lecturer at the University of Pardubice, Internet Marketing and Enterprise Information Systems (2007-2014)
Lecturer of the MBA programme at L'Institut Supérieur de Gestion International Business School France (2014-2018)